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Microsoft's ,Windows Unlock' works with your NFC watch - coming soon!


Microsoft announces useful features for its upcoming updates. So there is ,Windows Unlock' that allows you to unlock your PC with a companion device. 

A companion device can be your smartphone or simply your wristwatch. The main purpose of a companion device is to add a second level of authentication (2FA / Two-Factor Authentication). There are different possible ways to connect the companion device to your desktop, and one is with your NFC equipped wristwatch.

And here is how to start the authentication process:

  1. Open up the lid on laptop, or hit the space or swipe up on PC.
  2. Tap your NFC watch to the NFC reader to quickly unlock your PC.

Windows Unlock is more secure than a PIN code or any other authentication means.

If you want to learn more about ,Windows Unlock' go to Microsoft’s Windows Dev Center