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,Companion Device Framework' released this summer in Windows 10


Companion device framework

To be released in Windows 10 this summer is Companion Device Framework. It complements login scenarios to provide two-factor authentication. It will be possible to login with wearables and NFC cards, so called companion devices.

A companion device (e.g. your NFC watch), is a device that can act in conjunction with your Windows 10 desktop to enhance the user authentication process and speed. 

  • Tap NFC watch as companion device to NFC reader to simply unlock your PC.

The Companion Device Framework is implemented as a service running on Windows 10. This service is responsible for generating an unlock token which needs to be protected by an HMAC key stored on companion device. This guarantees that access to the unlock token requires companion device presence. 

learn more: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/secu...