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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What differentiates a classic luxury watch from one equipped with a NFC watch glass?
A: At visual level there’s just a discrete nearly invisible ring that incorporates a tiny microchip with antenna around the edge of the glass that fits perfectly with the design of the watch. That’s it.
There’s no necessity for a battery, the required power is provided through radio waves from the reading device.
The major change will be additional functionalities of your watch. So, for example, the timepiece can be used several times a day especially for security purposes like unlocking your Android 5.0 powered smartphone.
Q: In the category of smartwatches, e.g. an Apple Watch offers a wider range of applications?
A: Our strong belief is that desirable new watches will marry these new technologies in the old tradition of mechanical watches.
Our customized watches could be used for security-related applications like identification, access, login or contactless payments.
The use of GPS, sensors and other phone functions on the wrist appear unnecessary, moreover they require additional energy from a battery that has to be recharged daily.
Q: Is Winwatch an authorized dealer of different watch brands?
A: We are not an official dealer for the proposed watches because we are customizing and selling them with our own patented NFC technology glasses.
We are therefore not challenging with authorized dealers. With this technology we bring an added value and functions to these products.
Q: The brand watches customized by Winwatch are they really authentic?
A: Our customized watches are only provided from official sales channels for those brands. We customize only new authentic timepieces. No counterfeit watches would be accepted. We provide the respective documents from the official sales channels.
Q: What is the position of Winwatch about counterfeiting?
A: Thanks to the implementation of our technology in the glass, we can certify you by simple reading of the unfalsifiable electronic UID (unique identification code) of each watch that our customized products are genuine. We stand for that with our name and as a swiss company. To do so we fully adhere to anti-counterfeiting practices.
Q: What effectively can I do with my watch today?
A: If you are the happy owner of a NFC equipped smartphone that uses the latest Android Lollipop 5.0 release you can use the watch now to unlock it the easiest way by a simple tap. Many existing and new NFC applications will make their way, e.g. identification, login, access and contactless payments. It’s about you to find some of them on Google store etc. They will greatly contribute to the comfort of your daily life.
Q: Can I use this chip in the watch glass for several applications at the same time?
A: Of course, you can! The microchip is not bound to a single application. It is only you who decide which NFC actions your watch should execute in which NFC application or in combination with which own or third party NFC device, just as you often use the same password to logon on different sites or applications.
Q: What will arrive by technological evolutions of such NFC chips?
A: The current chips used by Winwatch allow to be read worldwide, as part of the standard NFC protocol. 
A great advantage of our solution is that you only need to change the glass of your watch to benefit from the latest technological advances.
Q: Some new smartwatches must be recharged to benefit from NFC functions, what about the NFC watch glass of Winwatch?
A: There is no battery problem in our technology, because the maintenance free chip is passive and it’s activated by the reading device. The operation is identical to the same use of a contactless card, except that this technology is integrated into the glass of a watch.
Q: Why use a watch glass for this technology?
A: The glass is magical because its remarkable conductive properties for radio waves to pass easily through with low levels of attenuation make it a must while at the same time not affecting the integrity of the mechanical watch in any way.
It is simply impossible to incorporate NFC technology into the metallic case of a metal watch without completely alter the original timepiece for reasons related to the Faraday cage and also Eddy currents.
Q: Is the glass equipped with NFC technology weakened against an original one?
A: Absolutely not! The resistant properties of sapphire glass are maintained as the small groove on the outer periphery comprising our technology is permanently sealed by a conductive solid solution.
Q: Can any luxury watch be equipped with Winwatch's NFC technology?
A: Today we select only models that show a sufficient thickness of the glass to integrate our technology and we use a design permitting an irreproachable visual integration.
UHF technology should invite soon in mobile devices. Then, all wristwatches could benefit from this technology in the glass, as it is much less invasive than the NFC technology.
Q: Will the NFC empowered wristwatch be provided with a warranty?
A: Our customized watches have a warranty of course, whether in the functioning of the NFC technology or of the watch itself.