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Swatch Group confirms NFC technology inside watches!


Mr. Hayek said Swatch had figured out ways around those perceived limitations. Rather than launching a dedicated smartwatch, Swatch is integrating some smart functions into its existing lineup of timepieces by using a wireless technology known as near-field communication (NFC).

The NFC technology will allow the watches, which will range from the company’s eponymous plastic brand to its high-range Omega line, to be used for tasks like cashless payments and hotel-room access. The technology consists of a tiny chip and an antenna, so the watches won’t require daily recharging.


What does NFC in swiss made watches mean?

Michel Willemin , CEO of EM Microelectronic- Marin explains the NFC chip that the Swatch Group will incorporate into new watches.

Michel Willemin, CEO von EM Microelectronic-Marin, erklärt den NFC-Chip den die Swatch Group in neue Uhren einbauen will.

Michel Willemin , PDG de EM Microelectronic-Marin explique la puce NFC pour le Swatch Group se intégrer dans de nouvelles montres .


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