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About Butterflies, Metamaterials... and RFID!


Nature Shows Us How It Works

Professor Roy Sambles from the University of Exeter, winner of the 2012 Faraday Medal awarded by the Institute of Physics for his pioneering research in experimental physics.

Inspired by intricate microscopic structures in butterfly and moth wings giving their vivid colours, Roy has created 'metamaterials' to manipulate microwaves and RFID tagging in unusual ways, opening up new areas of research with direct practical applications. 

The RFID part begins from 2:45

By the way, Winwatch has patented in 2011 a "Wristwatch including an RFID tag with antennas with splitring resonator (SRR) structure and/or meta-material antennas operating in the UHF and/or microwave frequency band and components of a watch provided with such an RFID tag"

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