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Our Commitment

Each watch crystal is made of sapphire known for its scratch resistance and for its high purity & transparency. Sapphire has outstanding physical and optical properties - it is the hardest and most resistant substrate after diamond! Therefore it offers highest possible quality and performance for producing crystals for the highend and top level Swiss made wristwatches. 

We offer you following advantages: 

  1. Your watch crystal is made of scratch-resistant sapphire that is virtually indestructible and resistant against external influences. 
  2. Your watch crystal has a single Anti-Reflective Coating (AR) on the inside face.
  3. Your watch crystal is avalaible in flat or double-domed shape.
  4. Your watch crystal is NFC empowered. Winwatch's patented watch crystal holds a Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible chip. It has 1024 bits EEPROM read&write with 50 years of data retention.
  5. Your watch crystal interacts with any NFC equipped smartphone or tablet through apps & smart functions.
  6. Your watch crystal  is 100% authentic. The NFC chip embedded in the watch glass has an unfalsifiable and unclonable Digital Serial Number (64-bit unique identifier).
  7. You are paying the right price. We sell our products exclusively online at a fair price - no intermediary, no reseller.
  8. We Ship Worldwide!
  9. 7-day money-back guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with each product that you purchase. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 7 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price.
  10. We offer a 1-year warranty and a reliably good and swift customer service.
  11. Your watch crystal is delivered in a secure package.

Contact us with any comments or for any further information you may require.

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