Buffer for external knob digital door cylinder

Buffer made of soft, shock-absorbing material to absorb any shocks between the Mifare equiped watch and the head of the outside knob of the digital door cylinder.

This exclusive Winwatch buffer can easily be fixed on the digital door cylinder (external knob).

Remove the protective film from the 3M tape on the inside of the buffer; then press the buffer firmly onto the knob head of the digital door cylinder. Finished!

  • black color with Winwatch logo in gold color
  • diameter 23mm
  • thickness: 2.8mm (including 3M adhesive)
  • material: soft rubber
  • strong 3M adhesive

Note: Due to weathering and aging-related wear and tear, it is recommended to replace the buffer every 2 to 3 years.

CHF 6.50
Tax incl.

immediately available / from stock


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