Euro Profile Cylinder change - made easy!

Before ordering your new digital door cylinder, first check whether you have installed a Euro profile cylinder in your door. 

If you have a swiss profile cylinder, we recommend that you contact a specialist dealer directly, because the installation is more complicated than the Euro profile cylinder.

1. Determining the installed cylinder (Fig.1)

The Euro profile cylinder has a diameter of 17 mm. Its entire front profile is visible from the outside on the door. 

The swiss profile cylinder has a diameter of 22 mm. Only the round part of the profile is visible from the outside of the door.

2. Measuring the Euro profile cylinder (Fig.2)

Do you have a Euro profile cylinder? Good! Now you only have to measure the outside and inside length of the cylinder at your front door. The removal of the door cylinder is not necessary. You only need a double meter or a ruler.

  • Measurements are taken from the center of the fastening screw.
  •  If you have attached a door rosette or a fitting to the door, its width must also be included.
  • Measure the external length (A) on your door first and then the inside length (B).
  • Then order the digital cylinder specifying the two lengths. (e.g. 30/40 mm). It always applies first (A) and then (B).

How to measure the length of the cylinder?

The following video shows you how to easily and quickly measure the length of the door lock cylinder. For this you only need a ruler and double meter or a measuring gauge.

How to change the cylinder?

The procedure of disassembling the old cylinder and then installing a new door cylinder (Euro profile) is quick and easy and can be done by yourself in just a few minutes. 

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3. Installation of the Waferlock C700S digital cylinder 

The mounting procedure is quick and easy and can also be found in our user manual delivered with the digital cylinder.

3.1 Insert Cylinder through door (from outside).

3.2 Fix the internal knob onto the internal cylinder bar.

3.3 Insert the screw into the thread.

3.4 Turn the screw clockwise with the Allen key (supplied with the set) to secure the knob tightly onto the internal cylinder core.

3.5 Turn internal knob to activate dead latch bolt and check if the cylinder is in the right position. Then insert the screw (supplied with the set) to secure the cylinder with the door lock. Finished!

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