Advantages of the digital cylinder


Easy Installation 

The Waferlock C700S digital door cylinder replaces the existing mechanical profile cylinder. The installation takes only a few minutes and can easily be done by yourself. For the cylinder installation, no changes to the door are necessary. The existing door fittings can be easily used. Neither holes need to be drilled nor cables need to be pulled. Just simply install the digital cylinder, done!

Do the installation yourself.

No conversion of the door.


Reliable & secure 

With a mechanical door lock, you must replace the lock cylinder to restore the security if a key is lost. With the Waferlock C700S digital door cylinder, you have full control over all access authorizations at all times. Waferlock meets the highest quality and safety standards and is burglar-proofed and weather-resistant (IP67). You can delete and / or program the ident media at any time in no time. For our ident media, we use as transponder type MIFARE Classic EV1®, one of the safest types of transponders on the market. This offers optimum manipulation and copy protection. And since the Waferlock C700S cylinders are battery operated, they will work as normal in the event of a power failure.

Delete ident media in case of loss or theft.

Burglar-proof and weather-resistant (IP67).


A worthwhile investment

Investing in a Waferlock C700S digital door cylinder will soon pay off. Because if you lose your key you do not have to replace the complete door lock, which can be really expensive. The battery also lasts up to 3 years thanks to the use of particularly energy-saving components. If you need additional ident media, this is inexpensive and you have a variety of form factors to choose from, such as your personal watch, badges, cards ...

No expensive exchange in case of key loss - various ident media available.

Long cylinder life - battery lifetime about 3 years.


Use in different areas (private & business)

Digital Waferlock C700S door cylinders are true all-rounders and can be used in many areas. Your own watch and / or badges or cards are the modern key to your world and make your life easier, more comfortable and safer!

Private (apartment, one-family or multi-family house, holiday house, clubs ...)

Business (office, workshop, warehouse, doctors' offices, law offices ...)

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