About us

Winwatch Trade Ltd equips brand watches with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. These watch crystals include a tiny integrated MIFARE Classic® chip with antenna.

The integration of electronic modules in watch glasses is a patented solution of the sister company Winwatch IP.

Water resistance:

Through our own tests, we ensure the integrity and watertightness of the watches and take over all the warranty of the manufacturer.

Sapphire crystal:

Sapphire crystals are usually installed only in luxury watches of the middle and upper price segment. Both the raw material, as well as its production and processing are expensive. With a hardness of 9 Mohs, sapphire crystal is the second hardest transparent material after the diamond (10 Mohs).

NXP MIFARE Classic® Chip: 

This chip does not need its own battery and therefore remains completely maintenance-free. The required energy is transmitted from the electronic door lock or reader to the chip simultaneously with the contactless communication. 

The sapphire crystal protects the chip and the movement perfectly against possible chemical and mechanical external influences.

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